Erasers & Sharpeners

Eraser & Sharpener

by Helix


Pack of 2, soft grip single hole sharpener and ergonomic design soft eraser.




Eraser, Sharpener & Pencil Set

by Helix


3 HB pencils, a sharpener, eraser and a 'Duo'

combined sharpener and eraser.

(image slightly different to product, bottom item in picture should be a  'Duo').

Available in different colours.


£4.99  rrp


Our price £2.99


Pebble Eraser

by Swordfish


Large pencil eraser in pebble shape




by Staedtler


Phthalate and latex free pencil eraser



Tablet Eraser

by Helix


Large pencil eraser in tablet shape



Soft Eraser by Swordfish


Small  -  80p, Large  -  £1.00


Latex free, PVC and Phthalate free

Mars Plastic

by Staedtler


Phthalate and latex free pencil eraser



Heritage Erasers

by Helix Oxford


Pack of 4 novelty 'London' erasers



'Armadillo' Erasers

by Snopake


Colourful fun erasers with grip



Pencil Top Erasers

by Snopake


Pack of 25 erasers to fit onto tops of pencils



Pencil & Ink Eraser

by Maped


Ink Eraser

by Factis


Coarse eraser for ink


Art Eraser

by Staedtler


Kneadable special cleaning 'putty' rubber.  Ideal for lightening and making corrections to charcoal and pastel.



Pencil Sharpeners


Plastic Single Hole Sharpeners

by Swordfish



30p each


Metal Single Hole Sharpeners

by Swordfish



50p each

£2.95 pack of 10   -  special price


Metal 2-Hole Sharpeners



£1.30 each

Soft Grip Hoody

Pocket Pencil Sharpener

by Snopake


Inset blade so no sharp edge, lid to contain

shavings, soft grip.




2-Hole Sharpener

by Helix



£1.10  £1.00

Single Hole Canister Sharpeners

by Swordfish


Canister stores shavings until disposal



2-Hole Canister Sharpeners

by Helix


Canister stores shavings until disposal




Pringles Sharpener

by Helix


Canister stores shavings until disposal


£2.20   -    also available in 'Pepsi'  -  £1.99

Bunny Sharpener

by Helix


The bunny pencil sharpener 'nibbles away at your pencil', the teeth move when you use it.  Fun design that teaches children how to sharpen pencils correctly.



Treble Hole Canister Sharpeners

by Swordfish


Canister stores shavings until disposal,

for multiple sizes of pencil - 8mm, 11mm

and 16mm crayons.



Pointi Mechanical Sharpener

by Swordfish


Robust plastic construction, auto stop when sharp,  desk clamp included.


£9.99  (rrp £11.99)

Desk Top Sharpener

by Helix


Metal construction and durable sharpening mechanism.  Desk clamp secures sharpener to desk.



Omnipoint Mechanical Sharpener

by Swordfish


Suitable for all pencils from 8mm - 12mm with variable pencil point selector.  Desk clamp included.


£12.99  (rrp £19.20)

Ikon Mechanical Sharpener

by Swordfish


Robust metal/plastic construction, auto stop when sharp,  desk clamp included.


£16.99  (rrp £31.79)

Varipoint Mini Dual Power Sharpener

by Swordfish

Powered by USB cable (inluded) or 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Adjustable pencil points, auto stop when sharp,  safety off feature.


£14.99  (rrp £21.60)

Scribbler Battery Powered Sharpener

by Swordfish


Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Auto stop when sharp, safety off feature.


£16.99  (rrp £34.31)

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